The Botanist, collage poster (2020)
The Illustrator, collage poster (2020)
"Wayne Manor Raceway" - animation (2019)
Nice Rack - modular clothing rack
Pinecone (plywood) - laser cut pendant lamp
Marble Coffee Table - designed for vintage marble slab
Gun Birds & Friends - animal collages
Pinecone (clear) - laser cut acrylic pendant lamp
Graphic Design Portfolio (2012) - various works
Jane Fonda - "Spaghetti"-style dining chair
Strangers In The Night - complementing candlesticks
Lounge Chair - chrome and leather, baby!
Woodvibes - androgynous sex toys for couples
Kyopenhagen - cold drip coffee brewer
Fluted Bowls
The Swan - ridiculously large candlestick
Charites - three porcelain pendant lamps
Frk. Hviid - logo for catering company
Serving Trays - brass, copper and wood
Sun Lounger - hanging out
Life Events - illustrations for my wife
Faceted Illustrations
Sideways - minimalistic sideways drawer storage
Gerningsstedet - interior decoration with a crime twist
Cold North Coffee Company
Glory - laser-cut acrylic pendant lamp
Carl Hansen & Søn - interior decoration visualisations
Light Weights - gravity-based pendant lamps
Pinecone Mini - pendant lamp prototypes
Lanyard/Retractable Ski Pass Hybrid - industrial design
Mike Hammer - logo & brand design
Candlesticks - wooden silhouette candlestick proposals
BFF Dolls - graphics for porcelain BFF dolls
5 Piece Ceramic Set - minimalist vessels for client
Diamond Shakes - ceramic salt and pepper shakers
Conversation Piece - cut and folded steel park bench
Bacchus Wine Stopper
Søllestedgaard Estate - logo, branding and packaging
Indirect Lighting Lamps - personal test project
Single Ply - table and stools cut from single ply sheet
Tivoli Wine Glass - stackable plastic wine glass
Tivoli Soda Cup
Tivoli Slushie Cup
Stretchy Garden Table - extendable garden table
Stiletto - laser-cut acrylic pendant lamp
Revolver - laser-cut acrylic lamp
Coffee Table - folded steel with drawer
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